The Fulfilment of Presence

Are you present? Is being present an action you perform from time to time, or is it your ever-present nature? Can you seek to be present as Presence? Can you arrive at Presence? Can you leave Presence? Can any event that occurs within Presence ever aggrandise or diminish the nature of Presence to just be […]

Am I essentially a body?

Take the thought ‘I’, but don’t allow it to become identified with any form of thought or memory, for these things are temporary and intermittent. They are not the true, ever-present reality of I. The I that I am is ever-present and unchanging. I do not appear and disappear like all thoughts do, so I […]

The Knowing of Presence

The knowing of my Presence is ever-present and immutable. As such, the essential, irreducible reality of my Presence cannot be made of or identified with a temporary appearance. The entirety of apparent experience is bound by temporality, that is, all movements of thinking, sensing and perceiving are subject to time and change, and are, therefore, […]

How do I control my mind?

How do I control my mind? First of all, it is useful to flip the question on its head, and ask yourself, the apparent questioner; why do I want to control the mind? And, more importantly, who am I, who is this ‘I’, that wants to control the mind? If we enquire into the one […]

Questioning Awareness

Am I aware? Can I have an experience other than being aware? How do I know that I am aware? Am I aware that I am aware? What is this ‘I’ that is aware of Awareness? Am I separate from the presence of Awareness that I am aware of? Can Awareness be known by anything […]

Self-Knowing Experience

All that we can experience is experience. Try as we might to escape from this experience of experience, we are bound to be interminably unsuccessful. All attempts to step out of experience would only be movements of experience, occurring within experience.  To step out of experience and confirm that such a step has been taken […]

Questioning Death

Am I present? Am I the Presence that I am knowing now? Is the experience of being present a new kind of event? Is Presence ever absent from experience? Are there different presences that arrive in every apparently new moment? Or is there only one Presence of Being, always only ever present as itself? Is […]